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The Day The World Changed added to Tribeca Film Festival roster

Posted 08.23.18

With ‘The Day the World Changed,’ the Ntropic team built on the success of its previous VR project,‘Phone of the Wind’ (Oculus Studios) to help tell the chilling story of nuclear proliferation during the second World War and beyond. Produced with Tomorrow Never Knows and directed by the award-winning duo of Gabo Arora and Saschka Unseld, ‘The Day the World Changed’ brings viewers an interactive experience that serves as both a touching memorial to those lives lost in Hiroshima and a frightening reminder of the weapons that remain.

Tribeca Film Festival - from the festival website:

"In partnership with Nobel Media and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, The Day the World Changed brings to viewers the harrowing impressions of the victims and survivors of atomic bombings and nuclear arms testing through first-hand testimonies, data visualizations, and innovative use of 3-D scanning and photogrammetry."