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Amanda Amalfi & Andrew Cohen join Ntropic

Posted 9.13.2017

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The company strengthens its VFX roster with the hiring of husband and wife Senior Flame Artist and Senior CG Artist

Ntropic has announced the hiring of Amanda Amalfi as senior Flame artist and Andrew Cohen as senior CG artist in its San Francisco office.

Amalfi joins the team having previously worked at shops like The Mill, MPC and Framestore, providing her talents to heavyweight brands including Maybelline, Old Navy, Nike, and Chanel among many others.

The native east-coaster brings a knack for creative problem solving and client relations to her new role. “The reason I worked freelance for so long in New York is because I really like a good mix,” Amalfi says. “I like working with clients that I’ve known forever and have a rapport with and I like working with new clients and having that new energy and challenge.” Amalfi was drawn to the team at Ntropic, which she says, like her, is passionate about the work and creating content that pushes boundaries, engages viewers, and exceeds expectations. “In meeting the crew at Ntropic, I really felt like I found a home that would nurture my creativity and goals,” she says.

“I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Amanda from our senior producer Veronica Ware,” says Ntropic Founder and Executive Creative Director Nathan Robinson. “I hit it off with Amanda right away while talking about Flame and what makes great work. Based on her passion and talents, I knew she would be an incredible asset to our San Francisco team.”

Since joining Ntropic, Amalfi has already worked on exciting pieces for brands like Coke, Visa and Vogue. As a senior flame artist, she will collaborate with a talented group of producers and creatives to craft singular content for a wide range of clients. One of those colleagues is Amalfi’s husband, Andrew Cohen, who also made the move out to the West Coast and joined Ntropic as a senior CG artist. The duo has collaborated on prominent projects in the past and is excited to bring their skills to the Bay Area.

Cohen brings years of CG experience to the creative studio, having worked with MPC, Mass Market, and Psyop among others. A career of collaborating with various premium brands has helped Cohen master the art of CG as well as client relations. “I’m good at understanding the client and knowing what they're looking for. And if they are unsure of what they want, then I’m excited to explore different options and figure out what they would be thrilled with.”

It was the company’s artistically-focused culture that helped encourage Cohen to make the cross-country move from New York to San Francisco with his wife Amanda Amalfi, who was hired on as Ntropic’s new senior Flame artist. “I am excited that Ntropic has this vibe of really respecting their artists and the people who work for them. It’s not just about budgets and bottom dollars,” Cohen says. “In my experience, when you’re just trying to make money, and the quality is second to that, the work environment suffers and the artists can feel that. … Everything that I’ve observed so far at Ntropic is that the work truly comes first here.”

“I really connected with Andrew’s passion for his craft and style,” says Ntropic Founder and Executive Creative Director Nathan Robinson. “You can see how much he cares in the way he is constantly tweaking things, doing his best to ensure that the final product is something the clients love and he is truly proud of. It’s inspiring to see, and hugely important to our team,” Robinson says.

Cohen’s love of CG started young, “I remember being about 13 years old, playing video games, and I saw some cutscene that looked really cool and I thought, ‘That’s what I want to do when I grow up,’” he says. “It’s a little bizarre that I am doing that now and I’m actually taking it a step further and making interactive, game-like pieces.” Cohen has already worked on an exciting Unity project since starting at Ntropic, fulfilling his desire to develop engaging VR content. “I'm excited to dive deep into this new medium,” he says. “Advertising tends to demand new and seemingly random skills, and I think that’s what makes it so fun.”