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Ntropic Welcomes John Yu as Creative Director In Its Growing New York Office
November 01, 2017
Yu was most recently creative director and senior Flame artist at Suspect.

Adding to its expanding roster, premier content studio Ntropic has brought in John Yu as creative director/senior Flame artist. Yu joins the team in its newly relocated NYC office, which opened this past summer in the Flatiron District.

The East Coast team will benefit from Yu’s expert knowledge of Flame as well as his unique aesthetic as he joins Creative Director Ryan Duggan. The duo has collaborated on many projects over the years and have a shorthand that allows them to tackle a diverse range of content with ease. Yu comments: “Ryan and I have different perspectives that complement each other, which is super exciting. It helps us build off of one another’s ideas and craft dynamic, engaging work.”

Yu started his career in broadcasting, launching various well-known channels: “The first half of my career was mostly in broadcast design and the second half has been in advertising,” Yu says. For over a decade, Yu has honed his craft working with brands including HondaJet, Mercedes-Benz, Braun, Verizon Wireless, and Samsung on boundary-pushing advertising work. Now with Ntropic, he is excited to bring his talents to VR projects as well as develop innovative content for social media channels.

When deciding where to head next in his career, Yu was drawn to Ntropic in big part due to the enthusiasm of Founder and Executive Creative Director Nathan Robinson. Yu explains: “It was great speaking to Nate because, even after being in this industry for more than 20 years, when you talk to him you can tell that he is still passionate about the work he does. That’s exactly how my mind works as well—I’ve been doing this since ’95, but I still get excited about every project.”

“There was an instant connection with John. I could immediately tell that he values the same principles that Ntropic entrusts in. His passion and enthusiasm adds a powerful element to our team,” says Robinson. “John combines thoughtful design with expert execution to deliver high-quality content, so I knew he would be a perfect partner to help run our New York office and be an ambassador for Ntropic.”

Born in Korea and raised in NYC since he was a child, Yu also brings established industry ties, as well as relationships with some of the finest artists in the area, to Ntropic. “There’s really no one like Ntropic in New York right now,” says Yu. “I think that the New York office is in an amazing position to create unique, memorable projects for a wide range of clients.”


Ntropic Helps Bring +Pool to Life with Immersive VR Experience
October 05, 2017

A giant, water filtering, floating pool in New York Harbor is not an easy idea to wrap one’s head around, which is why the team behind +Pool asked Ntropic to help create a VR experience that would plunge viewers in the middle of the picturesque scene. Working with M ss ng P eces agency and Tribeca Studio, Ntropic collaborated on “Floating an Idea: The + POOL Story,” which premiered at a waterfront party this summer.

Working on all stages of creative development, Ntropic shaped how the pool would be revealed, determined the camera positioning, crafted select animation elements, and helped with sound design. “We were heavily inspired by the art of David Hockney in creating the VR piece, we wanted to give it a painterly look and incorporate some pop inspired colors,” says Ryan Duggan, creative director in Ntropic’s NY office. “Our goal in creating this was to show off the +Pool in a way that really accentuated the experience and got the viewer pumped for the real thing,” Duggan says.

Ntropic’s sister company Tactic, a leader in VR and AR technologies, also offered support on the project. “Tactic’s goal was to help harness the team’s strong design and CGI experience, and translate those strengths into the 360 and VR realm,” says the company’s President and Principal Creative Technologist Peter Oberdorfer. The result is a VR piece that fabricates the innovative +Pool model and singular New York locale, allowing interested parties to get a realistic preview of the dynamic design. “Ryan Duggan and his creative team at Ntropic worked to innovate visually within a new medium, and we think it shows in the result,” Oberdorfer says.

“Collaborating with M ss ng P eces on this project was a great opportunity,” says Ntropic Managing Executive Producer Michael Bennett. “Ryan and team creatively embraced the concept and ran passionately with it. From the late nights and technical roundtables to the exploration in style aesthetics, workflow and animation, we feel incredibly proud of the final product.”

Friends of + Pool is a 501c3 nonprofit that intends to make it possible for New Yorkers and its visitors to swim in a clean city river for the first time since 1938 when the water became too contaminated to enjoy. Heineken is offering $100,000 to the project if the team secures 100,000 pledges of support. The VR film is an effort to promote awareness of +Pool and ensure that the nonprofit is on its way to building a one-of-a-kind recreational resource for the city. For more information about +Pool, visit


VR +Pool Experience
Executive Creative Director: Nathan Robinson
Creative Director: Ryan Duggan
Chief Technology Officer: Peter Oberdorfer
Lead Compositor: Eric Concepcion
CG Animation & Lead: Jasmine Bobe
CG Animation & Lead: Steve Burger
CG Animation: Steven BoltCG Animation: Jun Nagaoka
CG Animation: Jun Nagaoka
Texture & Lighting: Jeffrey Lee
Texture & Lighting + VR Pipeline: Joe Pistono
FX & Sim work: Santosh Sailesh
FX & Sim work: Hassah Taimur

Managing Executive Producer: Michael Bennett
Exec. Producer: Helena Lee
Producer: Veronica Ware

Ntropic New York Adds Executive Producer Helena Lee
August 04, 2017
The industry insider brings a keen eye, valued relationships, and years of hands-on experience to her role.

The rapid growth continues for premier creative content studio Ntropic. Not only did the multifaceted company recently move its New York City office to an impressive new location, it also added more firepower to its East Coast roster with the hiring of Helena Lee as executive producer.

“Helena will be a driving force as Ntropic harnesses the power of recent achievements and looks forward to the vast possibilities ahead,” says Nathan Robinson, founder and executive creative director at Ntropic. “Her ability to build long-lasting relationships and foster creative environments makes her a vital addition to our team. We know her leadership will help our enterprising New York office thrive.”

Lee will play a key role in the continued success and development of Ntropic, utilizing her experience from years working with diverse post-production houses and creative agencies to bolster the dynamic team and lead it into the future. Beyond her distinguished resume, Lee brings a notable passion to her work as well as an eagerness to push boundaries and encourage novel concepts.

“I am thrilled to join the Ntropic team! It has always been a standout studio in my eyes,” Lee says. “My main goal is to continue to grow the business as it adapts and morphs in this innovative field.”

Ntropic Handles the Hues in Bruno Mars’ New Music Video “That’s What I Like”
April 28, 2017
Edit out the multitude of synchronized dancing extras, pair down the lofty sets, and simplify the story: In the new video for “That’s What I Like,” Bruno Mars takes center stage and gives a swoon-worthy performance, grandiose in its minimalistic charm. Aided by the talented work of in-demand senior colorist Marshall Plante, as well as a few perfectly-placed graphics from General Population, Mars demands attention with his quintessential swagger.

The song, off the singer’s recently released “24K Magic” album, does much of the work on its own, but Mars’ one-man-show abilities are highlighted throughout the video. Dancing in front of a white background that—with the help of Plante’s praised work—shifts in shades, the piece continually transitions and evolves for a solo saga.

This isn’t the first time Plante has collaborated with the pop star. The colorist also lent his talents to the dynamic entertainer in Mark Ronson’s vintage-inspired video for “Uptown Funk,” which featured another scene-stealing performance by Mars.

Watch the mesmerizing video here.


Director: Bruno Mars & Jonathan Lia
Director of Photography: Santiago Gonzalez
Editor: Jacquelyn London
Producer: Jeremy Sullivan
Graphics: General Population
Colorist: Marshall Plante
Color Assist: Kristy Navarro
Color Producer: Kevin Miller

From Conception to Realization, Ntropic Produces an Otherworldly Crunchyroll Promo
April 28, 2017
It’s a seemingly simple scene, a man enters a cafe and studies his fellow patrons, but with the help of the Ntropic team, the cafe becomes an otherworldly place with instantly complex characters and revelatory anime-inspired effects. This ode to anime was crafted for leading global Asian media video service, Crunchyroll and quickly became a labor of love for the Ntropic crew.

Written by Ntropic’s Ron Moon and directed by Founder and ECD Nathan Robinson, the promo titled “Cafe Anime” creates a fascinating space where fantasy and science fiction intermingle for the piece’s hero. “It’s this really magical experience where through the Crunchyroll app, he basically can see these things that nobody else can see,” says Tali Oliver, ACD at Ntropic.

The production team garnered inspiration for lighting, wardrobe, and location from many popular anime shows, ensuring that they stayed true to the original content and the culture that is connected to it. “Nate Robinson, our director, tied all these elements together while getting great performances from our actors,” Oliver says.

The meticulously shot piece was further enhanced with the help of our animators and a team of effects artists who added unique touches throughout the promo. The end result is a product that artfully portrays the Crunchyroll community and inspires users to interact with it.

Enter the Crunchyroll world here.


Director: Nathan Robinson
Director of Business Development/EP: Michael Bennett
Executive Producer (LA): Michelle Hammond
Writer: Ron Moon
Storyboards: Duff Moses
ACD: Tali Oliver
Senior Flame Artist: Maya Korenwasser
Cell Animator: Ha Huy Hoang
Cell Animator: Lyuben Dimitrov
Cell Animator: Matthew Everton
VFX Artist: James McCarthy
VFX Artist: Aaron Townsend
Previz VFX Artist: Chase Hochstatter
Editor: Alan Chimenti
Colorist: Marshall Plante
Color Producer: Kevin Miller
Sr Producer: Emily Avoujageli
Flame Assistant: Gillen Burch
Assistant: Yvonne Pon

Audio House: One Union

Sound Engineer: Matthew Zipkin
Sound Producer: Lauren Mask

Music Production: Marmoset

Music Supervisor/Producer: David Katz
Music Track Title: Disjunctive
Artist: Cold Storage Percussion Unit

August 18, 2016
To kick off the season-three premiere of Fox’s Empire, San Francisco-based Ntropic designed the above interactive billboard, which currently lives on Times Square in New York City.

In just a few seconds, the billboard tells the story of the rise of Lucious and Cookie Lyon from grit to glamour as the king and queen of Empire Entertainment.

“To celebrate the return of our hit show Empire, we wanted to create a big, splashy piece for our outdoor media venue,” said Ian MacRitchie, Fox’s vice president of broadcast design, in a statement. “We found a creative partner in Ntropic to create a piece of marketing that breaks through – in this case, in a very noisy environment like Times Square.”

Led by Ntropic’s Creative Director Simon Mowbray and Art Director James McCarthy, the team found inspiration in the show’s focus on fashion. Describing the challenge of transitioning from still art to live-action footage, Executive Producer Michelle Hammond said, “We needed a breakaway moment, but we didn’t want it to feel violent, or to look like the paint was washing away their faces. The idea of using fabric to model the motion of the particles and the infusion of these gold elements and lots of dust particulates allowed us to emphasize the fashion elements of the show and drive home the characters’ rags-to-riches story.”

Bringing their collective expertise in particle effects, the team tested and iterated on the simulation until the movement flowed naturally and the vision was brought to life. “Particles are hard to art direct; they’re based on physics and involve a lot of unseen geometry to achieve the desired effect,” said Ron Moon, head of production and senior producer. “With particle simulation, we do a lot of work to handcraft something aesthetically beautiful.”

The billboard will remain in place in Times Square until the show premieres on Fox on Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 9 p.m., and it will also appear over the Godzilla Theater later this month.


Creative Director: Simon Mowbray

Art Director: James McCarthy

CG Modeler: Dustin Zachary

CG Artist: Mark Wurts

Head of Production/Senior Producer: Ron Moon

Executive Producer: Michelle Hammond

See the work here.

Chick-fil-A’s new ad campaign
August 01, 2016
Chick-fil-A’s new ad campaign features six different history icons who became successful against all odds even though their ideas and inventions were considered “crazy” during their time. Six Chick-fil-a history icons are featured: Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Ludwig van Beethoven, Amelia Earhart, Michelangelo, and Susan B Anthony. The campaign promotes the new Egg White Grill breakfast, mixing history lessons with pop culture, noting: “Chicken for breakfast, it’s not as crazy as you think.”

Chick-fil-a History Icons Credits

The Chick-fil-a History Icons campaign was developed at Erich & Kallman by creative director Eric Kallman, managing director Steve Erich, account head Kate Higgins and executive producer Laura Ferguson.

Filming was shot by director Harold Einstein via dummy. with executive producer Eric Liney, director of photography Jonathan Freeman and production designer Patrick Lamb.

Editor was Dave Anderson at Arcade Edit with assistant editor Laurel Smoliar, executive producer Sila Soyer, and senior producer Gavin Carroll.

Colour was produced at Company 3 by senior colour artist Tim Masick and senior producer Rochelle Brown. Finishing was done at Ntropic by executive creative director Nathan Robinson, lead Flame artist Steve Zourntos, Flame artist Matt Tremaglio, senior producer Emily Avoujageli, assistant Yvonne Pon and Gillen Burch.

Sound was produced at One Union by sound engineer Joaby Deal and producer Lauren Mask. Music, “Pugs on a Rug”, was performed by Andrew Sherman and Max Schad, produced at Butter by senior producer Ryan Faucett.

Ntropic and Diet Coke make some history with “It’s Mine”
February 27, 2016
CAA Marketing, Daniel Askill, and Ntropic. Who better to tell the story of the world’s first fully customized and individualized soda can.

Ntropic, CAA Marketing, Daniel Askill, and Diet Coke collaborated recently to show just how much an average (or even not so average) person craves a Diet Coke. The work highlights the unique “It’s Mine” can art – which varies between each individual can. The work broke just before the Oscars, and then a new more glamorous version graced the Oscars broadcast, instantly reaching an audience in the hundreds of millions.

See the work here.

Nick Sanders Signs with Ntropic
January 09, 2016
What do the Aries 3 Mission in the Oscar™ Nominated blockbuster film The Martian, and Under Armour athletic wear have in common? Ntopic Colorist Nick Sanders, and his understated sense of hue and tone  (see his reel here).

Branded Content is a slippery slope when it comes time for marketers to successfully integrate with entertainment properties. It’s up to craftspeople like Director Luke Scott and Colorist Nick Sanders to bring home organic seeming strategic content that resonates with the 100 million person strong audience of The Martian. Known for his meticulous creative eye, Sanders cut his teeth working with The Mill and brings an extensive background in photography and post production to his work as a colorist. He recently finished color work on Funny Or Die’s viral hit The Art of the Deal: The Movie, starring Johnny Depp.

Sanders was drawn to Ntropic from The Mill by Ntropic’s strong work and roster of talent: “I love Ntropic’s emphasis on a boutique experience for clients, and in that spirit I appreciate the freedom I have in expanding existing relationships and creating new ones around innovative work.” Sanders will be based at Ntropic Los Angeles, but will also color work in Ntropic’s San Francisco and New York offices.

Nowness / New York Times “Take Flight”
December 13, 2015
Ntropic is proud to share TAKE FLIGHT, a piece by The New York Times that truly defies gravity.

Featuring some of the year’s best actors, Ntropic provided color, VFX, and finishing to this stunning compilation of short films.

Director – Daniel Askill
Production Company – Radical Media
Editor – Lorin Askill
Producer – Jack Hogan
Creative Director / Lead Flame – Simon Mowbray 
Executive Producer – Michelle Hammond 
Producer / Head of Production – Ron Moon 
Colorist – Marshall Plante 
Color Assist – Kristy Navaro 
Flame – Maya Korenwasser
Compositor – Pency Kinnard
Compositor – Julie Jang
Roto – Kyle Hause
Conform – Jerome Knight

See the work here.
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